5 Nutritionals - To Unlock Your Potential - NeoLife Africa Lifestyle 03/18

Wholefood Nutrition for an Active Lifestyle:

The growing divide between today's diets and our nutritional needs is wider than ever before.  Whether you're running a road race or running in the rat race, you'll need extra help to bridge this nutrient gap to enjoy overall health and outstanding performance.  NeoLife Nutritionals offer all active individuals and professional athletes the optimum levels of nutrients needed to make it first over the finish line. 


1.  Pack a Punch - PRO VITALITY - 30 sachets (Tre en en, Carotenoid Complex, Omega 3 Salmon Oil Plus and Multi):

Powerful, broad spectrum, whole-food based nutrition in convenient pocket-size daily sachets.   

  • Increases your training and performance potential
  • Enhances the immune system to reduce down time
  • Shortens recovery time from sore muscles and joints by reducing inflammation
  • Sharpens vision and mental focus, while also heightening concentration and reaction time.  


2.  Shake it Up with Protein - NeoLifeShake:

Delicious, nutritious easy-to-mix shake

  • High quality protein, builds muscle and optimises body conditioning during activity
  • Protein also greatly enhances muscle repair and renewal
  • "Good" carbohydrates provide quick as well as lasting energy
  • Doubles up as a convenient and complete meal-on-the go.


3.  Get Your Defences Up - Vitamin C Sustained Release

  • Additional immune support with the goodness of 8 oranges per serving
  • Provides powerful time-release nutrient delivery over six hours.


4.  Be Flexible - Full Motion

High-tech Glucosamine supplement for optimal mobility

  • Helps maintain comfort and mobility try supporting healthy cartilage and flexible joints
  • Unique Herbal Comfort Complex helps support the reduction of joint pain and inflammation
  • With powerful key minerals for optimal joint health and protection


5.  Be Strong - Chelated Cal Mag

Calcium and magnesium in a highly absorbable form for great results.

  • Helps with muscle cramps
  • Contribution to stronger bones
  • These nutrients are also essential in the contraction and relaxation processes of muscles.