As You Think You Are

Setting a goal, knowing your why and learning are the keys to success in this business.  Start sharing, use the products and teach others what you know. 

In life, no matter where you start;  anywhere any place you have to simply take step one and learn what you're about to do and secondly practice it and teach somebody else what you know.  If you do these things, no matter where you start, you'll see progress. 

But we also learn about ourselves, there's a self-improvement aspect that goes along.  As one of the great motivators of all time Jim Rohn, said many times.  "If you want to be paid more money, you have to become worth more money".  It's a great truth.  You don't need to be over the top genius level, you just need the will to learn.  If you can learn how to drive a car, you can learn this business.