Based in Nature, Backed by Science


Since 1958, NeoLife has been making a positive difference in people’s lives, and today we are a globally recognized leader in product innovation and technology. With leading-edge products that fulfill genuine human needs, it’s easy to see why our products inspire consumer confidence and enjoy a reputation as "Simply the Best!"

As long as you are in business with NeoLife, here’s a fact you can bank on: NeoLife's products work! The popularity of NeoLife products is the result of honest performance rather than high-powered advertising. We confidently support all of our products with a money-back guarantee. We offer it to support you the customers, but we don’t think you’ll need it. Here’s why:

  • Our world-renowned Scientific Advisory Board guides the research and development of NeoLife products.
  • NeoLife products are manufactured to the highest quality standards using the finest raw materials available.
  • NeoLife products undergo extensive quality control throughout production.
  • Environmental sensitivity guides every decision we make about product manufacture, use, and disposal.

The excellence of our products makes it easy for you to become a customer for life, and it’s not uncommon for one generation in a family to share NeoLife products with the next.  

Year after year, NeoLife has offered smart solutions: leading-edge products that are safe, effective, and easy on the environment. We provide a dependable supply of products that are a good value for the money. Reflecting a long-term commitment to health and prosperity, our product line is the key to our rare longevity in an intensely competitive industry.

It includes:
  • Nutritional supplements to support optimal health.
  • Herbal Alternatives for traditional benefits from plants.
  • Home care products for ecologic "low-dose, low-burden" performance.
  • Weight loss products to help achieve your weight loss goals.
  • Personal and skin care products for lasting health and beauty regimens.




NeoLife’s global research and development team works around the clock to bring you the most advanced products in the world. At any hour of the day, someone, somewhere, is brainstorming or researching an idea for a new NeoLife product, performing a laboratory test to assure the safety, quality, purity, and efficacy of a raw material, or developing an innovative technology that will be used to create products that truly make a positive difference in people’s lives.


Today science is moving faster than ever before. Sometimes it is difficult to keep up with all the research breakthroughs and assess if new products are based on sound science. NeoLife’s Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) provides the perspective necessary to sort out the facts from the fads. This talented group of scientists, technologists and product professionals is the main reason our unequaled products continue to hold leading-edge positions in the global marketplace. Our SAB members are some of the most prominent professionals in their fields - you will not find a more distinguished, committed, or hard-working group anywhere!

Guided by nature’s “blueprint” and armed with information accessible only to experts, NeoLife’s SAB continues to lead the world in product innovation. The SAB constantly reviews and applies the latest scientific breakthroughs to:

  • forecast and evaluate the health challenges facing us and our planet today and in the future.
  • create new products to fulfill genuine human needs.
  • act as a proactive resource to keep NeoLife at the forefront of significant scientific and technological developments.
  • guarantee superior product performance and safety.


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Scientific Advisory Board