Become a Business Owner

NeoLife gives You the opportunity of your own business.  You as distributor get all the benefits of any traditional business ownership without the risk.
NeoLife does:-
Research and development
Product guarantee
Stock products 
Delivery Service
Training & Events
Month End Calculations and Payments 
What do you have to do?
Register as Distributor for as little as R630.00 to become an independent business owner and part of an international business.
Use some of the consumable products that you purchase every month anyway.  
Build your own business of customers and distributors.  
NeoLife will compensate you on all the sales created by your entire group.  
Instead of working yourself up in a system and having to proof yourself to be a sales manager, here you can be a sales manager from day 1.  
You have the gift of an opportunity to offer to other people and these people can again enroll people in their own sales team. 
If product gets sold, you get paid, based on total production of your business.  Compensation is coming only from sales of products.  
Your job is to build as many sales managers as you can.  The more business owners you can empower, the more sales are generated and the more income you receive.
Your success in this business is determined on how many people you help to become successful!
90%  -  vast majority in this business is happy customers getting involved to purchase products at a lower price
10%  -  smaller percentage of distributors build a business
1%    -  very few distributors take it really seriously and build a vast business
The choice is yours!
Reality of this business is that it takes hard work to become successful.  This is not a get rich quick scheme.  
Develop Yourself -  Learn new skills 
Be patient - it takes some time to any other business it has its ups and downs
It's worth it - 
You take charge of your own life
You control your own financial situation
You spend time with great people
You see and experience many new things
You will be able to contribute to causes you are passionate about
You will touch the lives of many people
You will help many customers
You will develop life long friendships
Many people still don't understand this business and might give their uneducated opinions, but
Life is too short to live someone else's dream instead of living your own dream
You build , you create, you make it happen.  Live your full potential!!
My wish for you - reach out and grab it ......