Bone & Joint Health Awareness Month - Full Motion

A slight twinge in your knee, random aches and pains in the morning and evening, even a shooting pain in your shoulder; all too often we consider such joint pain to be a normal part of life, a function of aging we simply have to live with. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Every movement your body makes is a miracle of motion, an amazing combination of your joints working together so you can enjoy a life of easy activity. But when your joints ache, your life gets put on hold. Getting up out of your chair, lifting your grandchildren, serving a tennis ball - the pain and discomfort caused by these routine actions are important warning signs you can’t ignore.

Damaged joints are considered by medical science to be a ‘universal disease’ - in other words, everyone can suffer from this condition at some stage or another. Joints do wear out. As cartilage breaks down, it loses its gel-like nature and its ability to absorb shock. This can rob people of their ability to move comfortably and force them to live with debilitating pain and discomfort.

Full Motion to the rescue!   Full Motion is a full-spectrum joint health formulation that contains pharmaceutically pure, ‘bio-functional’ glucosamine hydrochloride, in conjunction with NeoLife’s ‘joint friendly’ Regenerative Mineral Complex and anti-inflammatory promoting Herbal Comfort Complex. Full Motion provides comprehensive nutritional support for your joints, bones and your body’s natural anti-inflammatory processes through a proven, direct dietary supply of high purity, pre-formed glucosamine.

Get comfortable.  The first step towards regaining your active way of life is to get comfortable by eliminating the pain caused by inflammation. Full Motion features the powerful healing support of NeoLife’s unique Herbal Comfort Complex, specifically formulated to reduce inflammation.

Get flexible.  Make the most of Nature’s building blocks for healthy cartilage! Your body is in a constant state of joint damage and repair. Scientific research proves that the glucosamine in Full Motion can prevent or delay damage by boosting your body’s healthy cellular regeneration of cartilage.

Get mobile.  Build better joints for greater mobility! Full Motion stimulates healthy new cartilage, resulting in easier, more comfortable movement. And a bonus is NeoLife’s exclusive Regenerative Mineral Complex which repairs key joint elements, including collagen.


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