Clean, Shine & Protect your Car

It is easy to always have a sparkling clean car with a one-step wash and wax car shampoo. It will be the brightest, glossiest finish your car has ever had.  The more you wash your car, the glossier it will become.
Golden’s Wash ’n Wax will not streak windows or car finish. Use only a capful (5ml) to 6 liters of water and get 100 washes from each bottle.  It is highly concentrated and economical.  Will clean and protect your car and wash 'n wax is also non-toxic and biodegradable.  
If the car spots, you are using too much.  If car is oxidized, clean with 1/2 cap  Super 10 in 4,5 litres of water, rinse well, then shampoo as above.  No drying necessary under normal conditions, just wipe windows and chrome.