I am 60 years old and started taking CoQ10 when it came on the market to test it.  My father passed away at 53 already (heart attack) and as I have hereditary cholesterol I am always keen to use products that strengthen my heart. 

I took 1x morning and 1x evening and had the following results after approximately 2 weeks already.

1.  I have always had an irritating cough that got worse when I started to stress.  CoQ10 has strengthened my lungs and I almost never cough anymore.  

2.  I noticed that during the day I had a lot more energy and at night I slept much better.  I actually rest well.

3.  My bladder is definately stronger.  I travel a lot and when travelling I used to have to stop every hour or two to go to the bathroom and since taking CoQ10,  I can literally travel 4 to 6 hours without going to the bathroom.

4.  I don't understand why, but I seem to have more self-confidence again.  I feel 40 not 60.  

I stopped taking it for a few weeks and I had to start taking it again.  This has now become my most popular and important product and I will never stop taking it again.  I have shared my experience to good customers over 50 years old and they are also getting really good results and loving this product.  I suggest you try it.   

Brigitte Brynard



Coenzyme Q-10 (CoQ10, also known as ubiquinone) is found in virtually every cell of every living thing.  That makes it an essential antioxidant for energy production, the support of healthy heart function, and many other critical fuctions of the body.  

CoQ10 is made in the body and is most highly concentrated in organs with the highest energy requirements, like the heart, liver, and kidneys.  Unfortunately, our natural production of CoQ10 slows as we age, which is why supplementation is vital for life-long optimal cellular energy and health.  


Powerful Nutrition that assists in:

- Promoting cellular energy

- Boosting overall energy and stamina

- Supporting cardiovascular health

- Providing powerful antioxidant protection


Know the Risks:

Low levels of CoQ10 have been associated with a higher risk of:

Numerous chronic diseases of lifestyle, and

Oxidative Stress and Inflammation.


The NeoLife difference:

NeoLife uses the most advanced biogenic technologies to provide pharmaceutical grade CoQ10, sourced from nature and delivered in a highly bioavailable form.  Comgined with a unique profile of critical "partner ntrients" to help promote and protect total cellular energy production at the mitochondiral level.  

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Information taken from NeoLife Lifestyle, SA Issue 1 - 2022.