Going camping - Best product LDC

L.D.C. is dramatically effective for anything needing extra special care. 

LDC means good but gentle cleaning

. . . very mild and gentle to the skin . . .

Coconut di-ethanolamide is a coconut derivative and is used as a cleaner, foam stabilizer and viscosity (thickness) controller. It too is very mild and gentle to the skin.

LDC can tackle almost any cleaning task

From your specially delicate surfaces to the chrome on your car, LDC can effectively and gently tackle almost any cleaning task. It is highly concentrated, giving you the opportunity to dilute or strengthen your cleaning liquid according to requirements of any specific cleaning chore. Even though LDC is effective on the toughest of cleaning tasks, it is very easy on your hands.

In addition to being mild, LDC is phosphate-free and biodegradable, which means that the surfactants are broken down by natural biological action, helping to eliminate pollution problems in our lakes and rivers.

You can now face cleaning with confidence

With Golden’s LDC, you can face almost any cleaning task with confidence. Confidence that you are using a quality product that is environmentally sound, that will penetrate even the toughest dirt, and will be gentle to your hands. You will find that with regular use of LDC, you will eliminate the need for many other products. 

Most of all, you will feel confident because you are using a product designed with you in mind.

Me camping with LDC:  

I use it to clean public bath - it has light disinfectant in it

I use it as bubble bath and liquid soap - gentle on the skin and can you can even wash your hair with it.  You can also shave with it.

Wash your vegetables and wash your dishes with cold water and wash your gas braaier.  It keeps ants away.  You can also wash your car and your clothes with LDC.  

LDC is the most gentle versatile effective cleaner I know.  I cannot go a day without it and if I have LDC, I can go without all other soaps.

To order - 

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