Home Based Business - Save Money & Make Money

Never been easier.....

Register for R630.00. 

Receive a Super 10 (1l), a Spray Bottle, an LDC (1l), a mixing bottle.  12 months registration and Literature.  Super 10 and LDC will replace most of your cleaning products you are using now.  

Benefit - Buy consumable Home care products, Health Care Products and Personal Care products online at 20% discount.  

These products are high quality products and are not available in any retail stores.  They can only be purchased through a distributor of NeoLife.

No minimum monthly order or debit order, you only order when you need product. 

I was a young mother and was determined to stay home.  I joined this business, fell in love with the products and started sharing them with my friends.  Today 27 years later, my children are all independent and I have never had to go back to work because I have a network of people doing what I am doing. Should something happen to me, my children will inherit my income.  

Every mother wants what is best for their children - 

Our cleaning products are biodegradable, environmentally friendly and non-toxic - cannot harm your family.

Our health care products are made from whole food and they work - best to keep your family healthy.

Our skin care products are organic and will keep you looking younger for longer.  

Our network business - income for your children when you are no longer here.  

For more information - https://neolifeafrica.com/brigittebrynard

Brigitte 0829658796