Hope, Health and Freedom

We are on a mission to help people with wellness and wealth! 

We can’t do it alone.....  

We are independent entrepreneurs and we are looking to develop more independent directors.  We know NeoLife products help people be, feel and live their best!  In the past years we have been honoured and excited to touch so many  lives with improved health and improved finances, including our own family!

If you are passionate about helping others.  If you would Iike to be your own boss, or earn an additional income, or just save some money, become part of our business today.  Use these extraordinary consumable products at discount, share the products and business with others and become healthier and wealthier.  

No capital outlay required, only an initial registration fee of R630 for a NeoLife Membership card/number, some Literature and some product to use.  

NeoLife is now celebrating 60 years in business, they are an international business, working in over 50 countries and have been in South Africa since 1971.