Men's Health

As a man, you need nutrition to support your unique needs and wants for optimal vitality and performance.  From a young boy still growing to an old man zinc can make the difference.  

One out of three men above the age of 40 start with prostate problems, it doesn't have to be you.  

Chelated Zinc may support prostate health, it may also assist in the maintenance of a healthy immune system and minimise the severity and duration of seasonal challenges.  

It will keep your metabolism working at its best and it is important for healthy skin and connective tissue.

Chelated for increased absorption and is gentle on your digestive system.

Why NeoLife Chelated Zinc  ?

  • Highest potency and purity - our pharmaceutical-grade zinc base provides both high purity and high potency.
  • In our unique chelation process, pharmaceutical-grade zinc is reacted with the amino acid methionine. In this process, two amino acid molecules bond with each zinc atom to form our exclusive 2-to-1 zinc amino acid chelate. Tests show that amino acid chelation improves zinc absorption.