Save Money With Every Wash!!

A powerful, non polluting detergent, G1 is a concentrated, micronised laundry powder that is free rinsing, contains no phosphates and is biodegradable.

Formulated to outperform most other detergents, particularly against tough, oily dirt and when washing in hard water.

How is G1 Unique?

G1 is a micronised, highly concentrated formula with an Active Enzyme Blend that accelerates its cleaning power. It offers super cleaning power using from as little as 2 mini scoops for a 5kg wash.

G1 is free-rinsing and formulated from high quality ingredients that actively work together to remove tough, ground in dirt.

G1 contains special water softening agents to provide better cleaning capabilities in hard water.

How it works:

Scientists have long known that dirt and stains are difficult to remove from laundry. Dirt particles seem to have an affinity for fabrics, clinging to them and resisting attempts to be dislodged. G1 with its Active Enzyme Blend releases dirt and stain particles from wet fabrics and keeps them in solution until the particles are neutralised and washed away.

The result is a cleaner, whiter, brighter wash.


Why Use Golden's G1 Laundry Powder?

Active Enzyme Blend.  Biologically active, triple enzyme system for accelerated cleaning power. Very effective at removing protein and fatty stains.

Economical.   Highly concentrated, micronised formula.

Versatile. Can be used in various degrees of water hardness and temperature.

Colour-safe bleaching system.  To support the elimination of tough stains and dirt.

Low foaming.  Will not impair the washing efficiency of automatic machines.

Helps prevent corrosion.  Valuable washing machine parts and plumbing are protected.  G1 will not cause detergent scum build up on tubs or in pumps.

Biodegradable. Returns to its original components after use.


G1 addresses the 3 greatest laundry concerns of our time:

1.  It gets clothes clean, white and bright. It works equally well in warm or hot water.

2.  It’s economical to use – mini scoop size compared to conventional brands.

3.  It’s non-polluting – an earth friendly product.


14g (2x 7g scoop) per wash. 142 washes per 2kg. Works out to only R2.60 per wash.