Super 10 All Purpose Cleaner for all Seasons

Super 10 is a non-flammable, non-volatile product which cannot catch fire or cause or create foam in rivers and streams. Because it is biodegradable it can easily be consumed by bacterial action in ordinary septic tanks and sewage disposal systems. Super 10 rinses cleaner than ordinary detergents, leaving no soap residue.

Because of Super 10’s versatility, this one product eliminates the bother and, of course, expense of having a variety of special cleaners. Because it is concentrated, its cleaning power lasts longer and costs less. It dilutes instantly in any amount of water whether it is hot or cold, hard or soft. Super 10 contains no free alkalines, kerosenes or hydro-carbons.

Super 10 is a balanced complex of reacted organic soap, mild solvents and super wetting detergent. This is what gives Super 10 the ability to function on such a wide variety of cleaning problems.

Super 10 is especially effective on stubborn stains on fabrics, glass, china, wood, tile, painted surfaces, porcelain or partitionings. You will continue to use it outside your home on exterior woods and screens.

It is indispensable for hard-to-remove spots such as food stains, puppy stains, etc. It is safe for all vinyl, tile, plastic, porcelain, enamel, carpets and upholstery. (Because certain carpets and upholstery may have inferior dyes, it is advisable to use a test patch before proceeding.) Super 10 can be used on tough jobs like ovens or garage floors.

SOME OF THE USE INFORMATION FOR SUPER 10  -  Super 10 can be used on any surface where water can be used. 


Old blood stains, tar, tomato stains, car parts, tools and grills, spots on garage floor or driveway.
Degrease engines - run motor until warm, spray on, let set for 15 minutes; spray again, agitate with brush, hose off. Repeat if necessary.
Grouting - spray, let stand a few minutes, scrub with brush, rinse.
Aluminium door and window frames.
Driveway - do on a warm day, spray, use brush to work in, let stand, rinse using garden hose.

SUPER 10: 10 - 1 MIXTURE

Permanent ink, crayon marks, lipstick, blood stains, tile grouts, hard water stains. Spot cleaning laundry before putting into washing machines (collars, etc.)
Spray closets - eliminates odours.
Spots on wallpaper.
Brushes, combs, jewellery, luggage, plastic, vinyl, formica, stainless steel, walls (recommended for water base paints).
Spots on carpet - spray on, agitate, and blot. Important to make sure carpet is colourfast.
Spot cleaner for dry cleanables - spray on and blot. Distilled water is used to prevent water ring.