Super 10 Heavy Duty Cleaner

A highly concentrated multi-purpose cleaner that is strong yet safe enough to use around the home.

Three-Way Cleaning Action:

Unique NeoLife formula utilises the power of all 3 forms of cleaning chemistry -

-  Soap penetrates dirt

-  Solvent disperse grease & grime

-  Surfactant emulsifies oils and fat powerfully and make "water wetter"


-  All ingredients return harmlessly to nature as quickly as possible

-  Incorporates a built-in water softener

-  Works in both hard and soft water


Highly concentrated Super 10 can be diluted to perform many cleaning tasks from the grimiest machines to floors, countertops and everything in between.

Value for Money:

Economical - 1 litre of Super 10 allows you to refill your Golden Spray Bottle 22 times.