Super Easy Spring Cleaning


Through the years of man’s history as a reasoning animal, he has raised himself from living in caves and rough shelters to today’s modern houses and flats.

From the initial stages of man’s progress, the necessity for cleaning was apparent, but the means to do so was limited mainly to water. The sophistication of today’s way of life includes not only the obvious scientific advances, like television, the telephone, modern medicine or space travel, but the less obvious advances as well, such as the development of cleaning aids.

Effective and economical cleaning aids are fulfilling a very basic and obvious need. Things get dirty. But there are some unobvious needs for homecare items which we will discuss below.

1. Personal Pride - Most people take pride in their personal possessions. Because they are proud of them, they like to keep them clean and presentable.

2. Preventive Maintenance - Keeping our home and personal possessions clean is the first step to ensuring their good looks and longevity. In the long run, maintenance saves us a considerable amount of time and money. (A stitch in time saves nine.)

3. Health - Keeping your possessions clean and orderly is a basic step in maintaining a healthy environment for you and your family. Where dirt and grime accumulate, bacteria flourish.

4. Lifestyle - A clean environment literally creates an atmosphere of freedom. This type of environment allows you to do the things you like instead of the things you have to do.

As is the case with many modern conveniences, cleaning aids can be easily taken for granted. They have become such a common part of our lives that we sometimes feel that there is no discernable difference from one product or company to another. It is because of this assumption on the part of the consuming public that Golden has gone to great and costly extent to obtain, and retain, product quality that is unsurpassed, product economy that is undebatable, service that is unmatched and a guarantee that is unbeatable.


FEATURE - Biodegradability
The ability of the product to return to nature without polluting the environment.

FEATURE - Versatility
Just one of our products can do the job of several other non-GOLDEN products. This reduces the quantity of products needed by the consumer as well as simplifying their cleaning tasks.

FEATURE - Economy
Because of the versatility and the fact that most of our home care products are formulated as a concentrate, economy becomes a predominant feature of our product line.

FEATURE - Performance
Because of unique, time-proven formulations our products have amazing performance results. Similar competitive products have difficulty competing with our product performance.

FEATURE - Completeness
Our line of home care products delivers a benefit to the consumer by performing a complete chemical cleaning process on each job it encounters. Moreover, our products can be used for most cleaning applications, at home, commercially and in industry. Our products are also compatible, enabling them to be used together without harm and to maximum effectiveness.