Botanical Balance - 120 Tablets

Botanical Balance - 120 Tablets

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Stay In Charge Of Your Blood Glucose

• Cinnamon - Helps support normal fasting glucose levels

• Curcumin - Provides antioxidants

• Turmeric - Helps relieve inflammation

Balancing the uptake and utilisation of glucose is one of the most important physiological processes of the body as glucose is a key fuel. If too little glucose is available at any given time it undermines health and vitality by compromising cellular energy production; thus the function of critical tissue, organs and systems within it.

Too much glucose on the other hand can react with and harm body tissues and disturb the body’s natural fat storage systems; inducing unhealthy weight gain, increasing risk of cardiovascular and other chronic disease and ultimately disrupting or even destroying portions of the circulatory system, putting the entire body at risk.

Throughout our lives maintaining healthy, effective glucose balance is vital. For an increasing portion of people, the ability to maintain glucose balance and control has been compromised.