Fantastik - 1 litre

Fantastik - 1 litre

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Fantastik has all the desired features you need in a floor polish. It provides a shiny finish which is a super gloss actually resisting scuffing, black heel marks and water spotting.

Fantastik is formulated to last longer with tough zinc cross-link copolymer emulsion, polyethylene wax, levelling agent and resins, which all give excellent detergent resistance. Polyethylene provides slip-resistance for safety. Three coats on the floor give a heavy finish which will last longer and wear better.

It will not discolour even the lightest of colours on floors and yet is effective on linoleum, asphalt, tile, vinyl, asbestos and rubber tiles.

Fantastik is slip-resistant, scuff resistant and patchable.


1 litre, 5 litres


  • Long lasting formulation
  • Slip and scuff resistant
  • Self-levelling
  • Will not discolour


  • Economical - thin coat applications are recommended
  • Beauty of floor lasts through hard family use, imparts greater safety than ordinary wax or floor polish
  • Safe and effective on lightest colour floors


  • 1 litre - 166 square metres
  • Buffable or buffing not needed
  • Does not powder or discolour
  • Patchable
  • Floor surfaces need to be sealed


Fantastik Clear Floor Polish

Strip floors of old wax by cleaning with Super 10. Safe for all composition floors and sealed concrete. Will not discolour. Traffic areas can be patched. Highly skid resistant. Self-levelling. Needs no buffing. If you do buff, use felt pad only. Not necessary to remove old wax before going over again. Resists water spotting - can use on bar tops - will not ring. Panelled walls.

Waxing floors

Make sure floor is clean and dry. Our floor finish is hard acrylic based. It is not a wax. Once other waxes have been stripped from the floor, it is not necessary to strip off Fantastik each time you re-apply. It is best to spread finish with clean lamb’s wool applicator but a cloth works fine. Mopping with a sponge mop destroys the natural levelling qualities of our finish. You need three coats. The first coat seals the floor. The next two coats beautify and protect your floor. This finish has a slip resistant factor that makes a safer surface to walk on. The floor may be buffed if desired. Make sure the floor dries completely between coats (about 1 hour between each coat). This allows a harder finish that will last longer and will resist scuffing better.

Stripping floors

Use 3 parts HOT water and 1 part Super 10. Apply solution liberally to floor. Allow to soak. If floor is wood, make sure it is sealed. After wax has started to curl up, mop up the majority. Rinse thoroughly with 30ml of vinegar in 4,5 litres of water. This gives a better bond to the surface. If the wax has a plastic base, you will need to use ammonia with Super 10 or use a recommended wax stripper for that particular kind of wax. Fantastik is removed easily with Super 10.

For touching up at a later date, mix 3 parts Fantastik and 1 part distilled water in a spray bottle. Spray very lightly in small area, and buff dry. Do only small areas at a time. If you have a heavy duty buffer, the heat from the buffer will dry the floor as it goes. If you are using a home-type buffer, it may take a few seconds longer to dry. Use only the brushes not the pads. The pads will stick to the surface. Traffic areas may be patched by regular application after the floor has been cleaned. Fantastik does not build up on sides.

Polishing wood cabinets

Make sure they are sealed. Use 3 parts Fantastik to 1 part water. Put in small bowl. Use soft cloth. Dip into mixture and wring cloth out until it is only damp. Apply 2 or 3 coats. Allow about 20 minutes drying time between coats. To clean furniture, use Lemon Glo.