Soft - 1 litre

Soft - 1 litre

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Soft is a modern multifunctional softener that imparts a pleasant, soft feel and desirable fresh fragrance.

Key Benefits

  • Softens textiles.
  • Eliminates static build up.
  • Makes clothes easier to iron.


  • A multifunctional softener that softens and freshens.
  • Concentrated and economical formula requiring minimum product per load of washing.
  • Can be added to the rinsing cycle of any modern washing machine or used with hand washed laundry.
  • Can also be used as an antistatic spray on carpets.


For Machine Wash - add 5 ml of Soft per 5 kg washing load to the final rinse cycle.

For Hand Wash - Add 5 ml of Soft per 10 litres of water, in the last rinse.

For Carpet Antistatic - Using a Golden Spray Bottle, add a few drops of Soft per 500 ml of water. Spray carpet lightly, being careful not to soak.